About Jodi

My name is Jodi Naas. I have been an Electrologist and Aesthetician for close to 20 years, a Laser Technician for 12 years, and a Clinical Aesthetician for over 10 years.

I have been employed at The Summit Day Spa for most of my career, until this past January when I made the decision to work from home. I love to upgrade my knowledge and take as many new courses of interest to me as often as possible.

Twelve years of experience in the Laser industry has rewarded me with a wealth of knowledge and experience that will accompany the Sharplight Formax Plus system, offering state of the art, safe and effective Laser technology. CSA and FDA approved for most skin types, including Dark Skins and Lighter Hair Colors. The Permanent Hair Reduction is cool to the touch and very comfortable. Infrared Photo Facials increase Collagen and Elastin up to 80% and make a great alternative to Botox. Treatments for Sun Damage, Vascular Issues, and other skin conditions such as Acne make a wonderful treat for every skin type. Comfortable and relaxing Body Slimming and Contouring treatments are also available. The Clinical Skin Care that I also offer makes a wonderful addition to Laser Skin Care services. Electrolysis can get rid of the very few hair that the Laser cannot see. 

My plans for 2013 include the Train The Trainer program through The Cosmetology Association which will enable me to teach and share my years of experience and skills. I will also be working towards my Laser certification in the United States to stay relevant and up to date in the most recent technologies worldwide. I will also be attending some product knowledge courses and Aesthetic conventions throughout the year.